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Executive Forum


John LoIacono is familiar with the duites as an IACS president because he first held the president's position when he was first elected in 2013.  At that time, with his board of directors, he immediately set forth to renovate the banquet lobby.  With the IACS Gioventu' membership, he oversaw the construction of a gazebo for outdoor weddings and parties.  John served as President until 2015.  At the first Board of Directors meeting in January 2018, he was voted to serve as President by the current board. 


IACS Elects New Board Members, President, and Executive Committee

The results of the election were announced at our General Membership meeting on January 28, 2018.  There were 12 members nominated to fill seven board positions.  Incumbent board members Rosa Borgia-Bonni, Ramo Salerno, Enzo Paglia, Clarice Squillace, Pino Marelli, and Domenico Ruggirello were reelected to three-year terms, along with new member Vince Monticciolo.  

On January 30, 2018, the new Board of Directors assembled for its first meeting to elect a new president and executive commiteee for 2018.  Giovanni LoIacono was elected president.  Nominations for this executive commitee were accepted as follows: 

                                                                                                               First-Vice President:          Mark Garagiola
                                                                                                               Second VIce-President:     Enzo Paglia
                                                                                                               Third Vice-President:        Giovanni Maniaci
                                                                                                               Fourth Vice-President:     Antonio DiGiorgio 
                                                                                                               Treasure:                              Ramo Salerno 
                                                                                                               Secretary:                             Domenico Ruggirello