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Meet Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the membership. Directors serve voluntarily and receive no compensation. An advisory board of directors, comprised of representatives from various clubs and associations, and advisors from the academic community freely donate their knowledge and expertise. A full-time staff of administrative, clerical, and maintenance personnel is employed by the Society.

Giovanni LoIacono 

Immediate Past President
Sandra Tornberg 

First Vice President
Alfonso Chirco

Second Vice President
Mario Evola

Third Vice President
Domenico Ruggirello

Fourth Vice President
Giovanni Maniaci

Ramo A. Salerno 

Recording Secretary
Mark Garagiola

Special Counsel To The President
Hon. Judge Peter Maceroni

Fr. Enzo Addari

Sargent of Arms
David Busciano

Board of Directors
Giovanni Lolacono
Alfonso Chirco
Mario Evola
Domenico Ruggirello
Giovanni Maniaci
Ramo A. Salerno
David Busciano
Mark Garagiola
Clarice Squillace
Enzo Paglia
Rosanna Maniaci
Vince Monticciolo
Pino Marelli
Rosa Orlando
Teria DiLorenzo
Rosa Borgia-Bonni
Gianvito Arato
Joe Vittorini
Lori Cangemi
Mike Biondo
Maria Cichini

Past Presidents
Sandra Tornberg 
Giovanni LoIacono
Ronald A. DiBartolomeo
Mario Moceri
Frank J. Palazzolo
Hon. Anthony Sanfemio
Martin Reno Garagiola
Leonard D. Mannina
Cav. Vincent J. Bruno
Hon. Sam Petitto 
Jack Grifo 
Comm. Anthony J. Bellanca