Registration for the senior bocce league will be on Wednesday May 10th, 2017 at the IACS at 10:00 am.  (If you cannot make this day use the form below.) 

Team formation will be on May 17th, at the IACS at 10.00 a.m.

You must be present and have paid the fee to participate in the drawing of teammates. 

We will play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the morning, so choose your day, starting on either Tuesday May 23rd or Wednesday May 24th.  There is a chance that the Wednesday teams will play in the evening, if so voted.

 This year team players will be chosen according to their skill level so that all teams will have a fair chance to win.  Couples may sign up to play together, and those who ride together as well.  Each person needs to complete a form. 

Commitment is a must! We will also accept substitutes.  If you are interested in being a substitute, the same form and fees apply. 

This year you can register in advance by cutting out and completing the form below. Mail with a check made out to IACS with the appropriate fee for the 2017 season: Members  $20.00; Non members $68.00,



47199 Blue Ridge Dr.

Macomb, MI 48044


Call Antonio at 586-322-9575 if you have any questions.

See you on May 10 th or May 17th at the IACS at 10:00 a.m.!

In Memoriam

The IACS Senior Bocce League is saddened by the loss of their friend and member Shirley Pacella. Click here to remember our deceased members.

IACS Seniors Bocce League Teams




Team #1

Ada Lisi

Mario Lisi, Attilio Frassetto, Maria Venditti

Team #2

Nina Fazzolari

Sam Genovese, Domenic Giannoni, Virginia Giannoni

Team #3

Elio Ripari

Darlene Gildersleeve, Italo DeFelice, Gilda DeFelice

Team #4

Claire Guglielmo

Carlo DiVirgilio, Loreto Martini, Maria Pierce

Team #5

Tony Recchia

Maria Dushaj, Richard Gallop, Claudette Gallop

Team #6

Floyd Zanchetta

Isabella Zanchetta, Rodolfo Baron, Elvira Venditti

Team #7

Peter Palazzolo

Connie Palazzolo, Guiseppe Noe, Maria Noe

Team #8

June DiGirolamo

Barbara Lipinski, Angelo D'Ambrosio, Michele DiCicco




Team #1

Domenic Nardone

Connie Calabro, Otello Querciagrossa, Ilene Stanko

Team #2

Frank Tundo

Vincenzo Mariani, Jerome Garrisi, Rose Garrisi

Team #3

Sal Greco

Amalia Bartolomeo, Vitina Radomski, Vincenza Gargano

Team #4

Ennio Fardone

John Agazzi, Rosemarie Vitale, Madeline Fornarola

Team #5

Roberto Cicchelli

Nalina Farina, Linda Martin, Eda Lucido

Team #6

Fiorino Vitale

Loreta Vitale, Shirley Paccela, Jean Hassel

Team #7

Maria Arnone

Mina Mazzarano, Nino Brusca, Maria Brusca

Team #8

Adele Masi

Stefano Giannola, Ezio Bonaldi, Diva Bonaldi 

Team #9

Sandra Tornberg

Gemma Cima, Mary Lou Giannon, Diana Manzo

2016 IACS Summer Bocce League Results


IACS Boccee League 2016 - Tuesday Champions

Tuesday Champions and Overall Winners Attilio Frassetto, Maria Venditti, Mario Lisi, Captain Ada Lisi, and League President Antonio DiGiorgio


IACS Boccee League 2016 - Wednesday Champions

Wednesday Champions Connie Calabro, Otello Querciagrossa, Ilene Stanko, Captain Domenic Nardone and League President Antonio DiGiorgio


IACS Boccee League 2016 - Overall Champions

Overall Champions Attilio Frassetto, Maria Venditti, Mario Lisi, Captain Ada Lisi, and League President Antonio DiGiorgio